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Article: How to dress men's shoes for formal occasions?

How to dress men's shoes for formal occasions?

How to dress men's shoes for formal occasions?

Every modern gentleman's wardrobe should contain at least one pair of formal shoes. You may try classic or trendy men boots to add irresistible charm but make sure your outfit aligns with the shoe's vibe. So how would you do that? It's an all-time style query. But do not worry, we are here to level up your style quotient using trendy boots that look formal enough for every occasion.

Here is your comprehensive guide to wearing formal men's shoes. Let us dive deep and throw some light on styling secrets.

Analyze the types of formal occasion

Men's shoes are a versatile and stylish choice for various formal occasions. However, you must analyze the type of occasion you are preparing for. Here are different types of formal events where you can slay your trendy men's boots:


Business meetings and conferences

Business settings often demand a sleek and well-polished look. So you may need some shiny black boots when attending formal business meetings or conferences. These can complement a suit or dress trousers and add a touch of sophistication to your professional attire.


Weddings are all about fun and colors. However, you must dress according to the formality of the wedding. If it's your brother’s or sister’s wedding then you can experiment with vibrant colors, But if you are attending your colleague’s wedding then you may want to stick with conventional dress boots or classic leather shoes. They pair well with suits and can be a stylish alternative to traditional dress shoes.

Cocktail parties

Most cocktail parties demand a relaxed yet semi-formal attire. In fact, this is the best occasion to show off your leather loafers and other slip-on shoes that have a little formal vibe. You can try ankle boots or Chelsea boots in leather or suede to steal the show. They offer a balance between formal and casual and remain a fashionable choice for similar events.


Dinner parties

You can attend dinner parties with your friends, family, or coworkers. Each of those parties will hold a different formality level. Just make sure whenever you attend formal dinner parties, especially during the colder seasons, opt for dress boots with a suit or tailored trousers. This attire is a stylish yet practical solution.

Theater or opera performances

For cultural events that demand a formal dress code, you should be ready with a bow tie, a black suit, and of course a pair of polished dress boots. This adds a contemporary twist to traditional formal attire.

Job Interviews

Job interviews demand a subtle level of sophistication in your attire. Choose your dress boots depending on the industry and company culture. Companies like Google or Facebook do not require you to dress sharply but if you are enrolling in big fives such as EnY then a pair of formal shoes might help. They are an acceptable and stylish choice for job interviews. Just ensure the boots are well-maintained and complement your overall professional look.

Award ceremonies

May it be your achievement or you are representing your company in an event, you must look polished according to the ceremony standards. You can opt for sophisticated dress boots at more glamorous and upscale events. They must align with the formality of the occasion. You can try pairing them with a tuxedo or a tailored suit for a polished look.

3 Essential dress shoes for men

Now that we've discussed the various formal events, let's delve into the important types of men's formal shoes.

  1. Oxfords

The closed lacing system of Oxfords makes them an ideal pair of formal shoes. It ensures a snug fit and adds value to a gentleman’s wardrobe. Oxfords can adapt to the natural shape of your foot. They create a more defined silhouette compared to other types of men's formal footwear. You will also get many styles within the category of Oxford shoes. Cap-toe Oxfords showcase a horizontal seam across the toe section of the vamp, while wingtip Oxfords feature a cap with two arched seams converging at a central point.

  1. Derby

Derby is another type of formal shoe with sporty undertones and a comfortable fit. It has its roots in sport and hunting attire, which explains its evergreen reputation as a hybrid of dressy and casual elements. These shoes have a modest heel for a subtle elevation and expose the ankle area a little bit. But derby shoes always provide coverage to the top and sides of the feet to make you feel comfortable. This design is perfect for the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

  1. Loafers

If you want to blend a casual and formal vibe the loafers are your go-to choice. They are specially made for the summer season. The slip-on design is well known for its high comfort level and lightweight nature compared to other formal footwear options. It enhances the breathability of your shoes during warmer weather. However, it's important to note that loafers may not be the optimal choice during snowy or rainy conditions, as the slip-on style provides minimal protection against the outdoor elements.

Let us provide you with a concise overview of the ideal shoe pairings for different formal events.

  • Derby shoes for business meetings

Derby shoes cannot go wrong with business attire. The key is to blend professionalism and sophistication. You can opt for high-quality leather shoes in classic colors such as black, brown, or dark tan. A polished finish adds a touch of refinement and creates a clean look. Stick to timeless and simple designs that complement the formality of business settings. Pair your Derby shoes with well-tailored, pressed trousers and a solid subtle dress shirt or a business-appropriate suit. Pay attention to the overall coherence of your outfit, and consider accessories such as a leather belt that matches the color of your shoes.

  • Oxfords for interviews or weddings

Oxfords for a job interview require careful styling. You must go for classic Oxfords in black or brown color that are from quality leather to project a polished image. Choose a style with minimal detailing for a timeless and formal appearance. Ensure that your overall appearance reflects confidence and attention to detail, as Oxfords are synonymous with a refined sense of business attire. You need to be well-groomed and professional to enhance your chances of leaving a lasting positive impression during the interview process.

On the other hand, you can experiment with Oxford's colors. If you want to balance elegance with personal flair, choose Oxfords in neutral tones such as black, oxblood, and tan. Depending on the wedding's dress code, pair your Oxfords with tailored trousers and a shirt for a semi-formal affair. You can also go for a full suit and tie in case you need a more formal setting. Consider the color palette of the wedding and coordinate your outfit accordingly. Don't forget to complete the look with well-matched accessories, such as a silk tie, pocket square, and a stylish leather belt.

  • Loafers for cocktail and dinner parties

You can style loafers for cocktail and dinner parties without compromising your comfort. However, we suggest you always try loafers in premium materials like suede or polished leather. These loafers in classic colors such as navy, burgundy, or tan add a touch of refinement to your look. For a cocktail party, you can pair your loafers with subtle-toned chinos or black trousers and a smart checked shirt. Consider layering it with a blazer to add an extra layer of charm. If the event leans more towards the formal side, opt for a well-tailored suit. For dinner parties, just pair your loafers with beige or brown dress trousers and a white shirt or a knit polo shirt. Make sure you add other elements to your attire such as a simple wristwatch, a waller, and of course perfume. This combination strikes the perfect balance between relaxed elegance and royal style that makes you steal the show at social gatherings.

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